Anglican Church International Communion

Anglican Church International Communion
Seeking to Unite Traditional Churchmen
Around the World
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Bishops attend second meeting in 2002 at Marshall, Virginia. Bishop Ernest Kelly of
Australia, center, joins College and ACIC
Pictured are: L to R. The Rt. Rev. Luther Pierre-Toussaint, Bishop of Haiti; The Rt.
Rev. Melvin H. Pickering, Bishop of the Diocese of the Holy Good Shepherd.The Rt.
Rev. Earnest Kelly, Bishop of the Australian Church; The Rt. Rev. Larry W.
Johnson, Bishop of Virginia; The Rt. Rev. Vincent Thakore, Bishop of the South.
Founding bishops of ACIC in Atlanta, November, 2001.
The Rt. Rev. Pickering, The Rt. Rev. Thakore, The Rt. Rev. Johnson, The late Rt.
Rev. LaPointe. Bishop LaPointe would live long after his visit to Atlanta and the
founding of the ACIC. His life was a testimony to how all bishops should live and
conduct their lives. His love of his Haitian Church was wonderful. Our second Bishop,
the Rt. Rev Vincent Thakore passed April 15, 2008..

A Short History: Four Bishops Formed A New Communion on 11/17/2001
In an exciting historic move, traditional bishops from four jurisdictions approved the concepts for a “principles” document and “concordat” on
November 17, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. Firm agreements were approved to come together with the purpose and hope of bringing order to the
Anglican church movement in the United States. From these agreements the Anglican Church International Communion emerged. The new
communion was the first step toward bringing greater unity to the splintered continuing “churches” in the United States and throughout the world.
The guiding principles state “this is a traditional communion dedicated to bring peace and unity to all Anglican worshipers,” by adhering to the
American 1928 Book of Common Prayer, the English 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer. The
Declaration of Principles became the name of the historic document embracing these concepts which preserve the traditional church and move
forward the Great Communion of Christ. Signatories to this historic document were: The Late Rt. Rev. Lafond LaPointe, Bishop of Haiti, chairman
of the founding convocation; The Rt. Rev. Larry W. Johnson, Bishop of Virginia, first College president, 2002; The Rt. Rev. Melvin H. Pickering,
Bishop of the Diocese of the Good Shepherd, New Mexico, second president of the College, 2003; The Rt. Rev. Vincent Thakore, Bishop of the
South, Georgia, third president of the College; in 2004. Since the founders: fourth president Bishop Jorge Martinez, Independent Episcopal Church
of Mexico, 2005; fifth president, Bishop Chopin Cusacks, 2006; and again Bishop Larry W. Johnson, sixth president, 2007 and was elevated to
serve as the Archbishop for International Provinces: Archbishop Johnson has no responsibility for the American Bishops. Bishop Michael
Robertson, Oklahoma, is the current President of the College. .
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Milestones of the ACIC.
Actions by College of Bishops to forward the Mission of the ACIC.
2001 Founding of ACIC.
2002 Adoption of Declaration of Principles to Guide Communion of ACIC.
2003 Structure of the College of Bishops with terms of office.
2004 Expansion of membership by additional ten provinces.
2005 Approval of Manifesto at College of Bishops meeting in Mexico City and establishment of General Secretary Office at Front Royal,
Virginia, USA. and a Secretary General is elected.
2006 United States bishops of the College found Anglican Church in the United States of America (ACUSA).
2007 First General Synod of ACIC at Jamestown. College accredits two seminaries, sets standards for consecration for new bishops, elects
the Rt. Rev. Larry Wilson Johnson Archbishop of International Provinces of the ACIC and extends term of office as Secretary General for
another three years, and receives three new provinces for a total of nineteen.
2008 College approves application of the Most Rt. Rev. Michael Wright of the United Kingdom, HCC (WR), Diocese of Europe to be
twentieth province of ACIC; Gives provisional approval of the application of the Rt. Rev. Fabiano ferrês of Brazil, Apostolic Episcopal
Church of Brazil for twenty-first ACIC province; Bishop Wright presents study of ACIC formulary for uniting traditional bishops. His paper
is published in a new publication for bishops on questions and answers about the ACIC. Click ACIC How to Join Questions and Answers.
2011 Synod scheduled for Virginia. More information will be released on the Synod soon. The Rt. Rev. Michael Robertson of Edmond, OK
(USA) has assumed his responsibilities as the President of the College of Bishops of the ACIC. Bishop Robertson was elected to a three year
term of office in Jamestown, Virginia at the ACIC Synod June 22, 2007. Each president serves a three year term of office.

Declaration of Revival
Whereas, continuing Anglican Churchmen worldwide desire greater union and communion,
Whereas, the Anglican Faith is under attack by forces of evil resulting in the abandonment of the traditional faith of the primitive church and
the Faith given to us by the ancient fathers of the church,
Whereas, prayer for a new Great Awakening of the Christian Faith is essential for the cure of souls of God’s people worldwide,
Whereas, the orthodox Anglican faith must be preserved as a gift to be passed to our children and generations to come,
Whereas, there is an urgent necessity for this statement of manifest destiny and a seat of Communion,
Whereas, the first permanent English Colony and Church in America was established at Jamestown Island in 1607, and whose
establishment in the Commonwealth of Virginia has been continuous for four-hundred years,
Whereas, the Jamestown Colony was a parish of the Bishop of London with an established Church and priest named the Rev. Robert
Whereas, our Anglican forefathers who came to America at Jamestown were communicants of the Church of England and practiced and
planted their faith by the use of the Book of Common Prayer,
Whereas, the first representative assembly to meet in America met in the Anglican Church at Jamestown for the purposes of self
Whereas, Virginia is known as the New World birth place of democracy and religious freedoms,
Therefore, be it Resolved and Acknowledged, that the undersigned are in Communion and agree that the Jamestown colonists, guided
by the hand of God Almighty, did give birth to new world Anglicanism and churchmanship; providing hope for people worldwide desiring to
breathe free and to attain self government and to escape from tyrannical forms of oppression; and likewise as a signatory to this manifesto
do pledge to work for a Great Awakening of the Christian Faith.

Be it further Resolved, that the Anglican Church of Virginia is and shall be recognized and designated as the locus of the renewal of
worldwide Anglican Faith committed to the Truth as revealed in the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible, and the traditional Books of
Common Prayer dated 1549, 1552, 1662, 1928 and valid translations of these aforesaid Books of Common Prayer and Holy Bible.

In the Name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost.

College of Bishops signed this Resolution in Mexico City.
ACIC Provinces and Jurisdictions

Anglican Church of Virginia
Orthodox Apostolic Church of Haiti, of the Anglican Church of Virginia
The Free Church of England in Australia, of the Anglican Church of Virginia
Anglican Diocese of the Good Shepherd
Orthodox Anglican Church of the South
Anglican Episcopal Church of India
Mexican Independent Episcopal Church
Anglican Christian Church of Haiti
Anglican Episcopal Church
Diocese of the Caribbean and New Granada and the Holy Catholic Church (WR)
Traditional Church of England and Australia
Anglican Diocese of Central America
Anglican Church of India*
Traditional Church of England and Australia
Anglican Diocese of South America
Missionary Diocese of the Cameroon of ACOVA
Anglican Church of Georgia (USA)
National Anglican Church of the Dominican Republic
Catholic Apostolic Anglican Church Missionary Diocese of the Latino/Hispanic in the USA
Holy Catholic Church-WR Diocese of Europe
The Apostolic Episcopal Church of the Archdiocese of St. Paul, Brazil
*The ACI is in communion with Anglican Church of Virginia